Wood gasification with CHP

Efficient use of energy

In wood gasification, wood is carbonised under the deprivation of oxygen and the wood gas, following cooling and purification, is used to drive a gas engine that transmits its engine output to a generator. Thermal energy is produced in the gas engine and the generator supplies electrical energy.

Wood gasifying CHPs are very effective and supply much more energy than wood chip heating systems. The ratio of thermal to electrical energy is around 60:40.

A coherent thermal concept is thus the most important prerequisite for the profitable operation of a wood gasifying CHP.

We produce wood gasifying CHPs in various power classes so that we can meet the thermal energy requirement optimally.

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Wood gasifying CHPs with a running time >7500 hrs

Above all other things, wood gasifying CHPs must: Run, run, run. Before we began with the development and production of our own systems, we endured painful experiences with systems from a manufacturer who promised us heaven and earth.

We paid dearly for that and set about solving the sticking points at which most competitors failed and still fail. The result is wood gas CHPs with a running time of over 7500 hours per year. That's precisely what it all depends on.

With us, both the technology and the service function. If the customer is satisfied, then we are, too.

Good service ...

... is just as important for a wood gasification system as the good technology. After all, the engines run round the clock. Just imagine how far a truck would travel in 7500 hours. Assuming a speed of 60 kmh, that would be 450,000 kilometres per year. That would be impossible without customer service – and that's also the case with wood gasifying CHPs. The oil must be changed and wearing parts replaced on a regular basis.

Keeping to the service intervals pays off with wood gasifying CHPs, because it ensures the running time and thus your profit.