Wood CHP – generation of energy through wood gasification

We produce systems for the generation of electrical and thermal energy from wood.

This is how the energy change works.

Our wood gasification systems generate heat and power from wood chips. The wood is gasified and drives a gas engine that is coupled to a generator. This system isn't new as such, but we have developed it to perfection.

Our systems are in operation in many European countries and have so far generated more than 133 gigawatt-hours of thermal energy and 78 gigawatt-hours of electrical energy.

Since only wood chips are used as the energy source, the energy is produced exclusively with renewable raw materials and is thus part of the natural CO2 circulation.

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Wood gasification with CHP

The profitability of a wood gasifying CHP depends to the greatest extent on the utilisation of the waste heat. You need a coherent thermal concept designed as far as possible for 100% utilisation.

Ideal, for example, would be a drying plant that is used all year round.

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Sophisticated technology

It has taken a great deal of effort, but it was worthwhile. Our wood gasification systems are sophisticated and run at least 7500 hours per year. Strictly speaking, the running time is the most important factor for the profitable use of wood gasifying CHPs.

Of course our research is continuing so that we can extract the last possible ounce of output from the systems, but the best output is only achieved through a high running time.

The fact that our wood gasification systems guarantee such an outstanding running time is due to many factors. That begins with the cleaning of the wood chips and extends up to the specially developed engine oil.

Our wood gas CHPs are continuous runners.

Take a look at the performance display on our website.