Wood power generation with wood-chip CHP

We supply wood gasifying CHPs in various sizes

Generation of energy from renewable raw materials

Wood power generation is a technology in which wood chips are gasified to form wood gas, which is then used to fire a combined heat and power plant (CHP). We have developed this technology further for perfect energy generation.

Many obstacles had to be overcome, but it was worthwhile. Our wood gasification systems have annual running times that many wouldn't even dare to dream of.

The currently achieved production quantities of power and heat in kilowatt-hours are shown on our website and the meters are running faster all the time.

The generation of energy from wood is an important building block for the success of the energy change, because wood grows again and its transport distances are short. Wood power generation or wood gasification with combined heat and power plants utilises the energy stored in the wood with maximum efficiency.

Whereas the power can be fed into the national grid, a coherent concept is required for the heat. If you can make use of the heat, then the use of a wood gasifying CHP is absolutely worthwhile.​

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In wood gasification, wood is burned in the form of wood chips. However, hardly any oxygen is fed to the combustion chamber, as a result of which the wood gas escaping from the wood does not burn. It is extracted, cleaned and cooled.

That sounds simple enough, but it required rather a lot of development work, because we are not dealing here with a fuel such as oil or gas, but with a natural product that can vary a great deal in form and texture.

The wood gas is used as fuel in a gas engine, which drives a generator. Thermal energy is produced in the gas engine, while the generator supplies electrical energy. The ratio is approximately 60% heat and 40% power.

The running time of the motor is decisive here. Our systems run at least 7500 hours per year – that is the basis for the successful operation of a wood gasification system.

The systems are sometimes also referred to as wood power generators. However, that hits the proverbial nail on the head only about 40%, because if one were to use only the power that is generated, the operation of a wood gasifying CHP would not be profitable.

Profitability is only ensured with a coherent thermal concept.

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